About Us

Our Vision

At BLI, we believe in a growing global economy where everyone can make a powerful contribution. Therefore, we sustain projects aiming to improve the environment; livelihood;  as well as global and local communities; in particular, we sustain all initiatives in line with the UN 17 Global Goals.

Our Mission

We aim to empower communities globally. Our mission is to make them achieve sustainable, social, environmental, and economic growth. As a result, we dedicate ourselves to impact investing, fundraising, and partnership alliances. By doing so, we support innovative SMEs and NPOs.

Our Approach

We are impacting the world one story at a time. How? Well, we are fully committed to the success of our funds. Indeed, we invest our own money, time, and energy into and for our portfolio companies.  
We constantly track their progress and engineer growth.

We grow together our portfolio companies. This is why their success is our success. Therefore, we provide strategic direction and mentorship to all of them.
We build capacity for our companies. In this way, outperforming is not just a verb anymore. Teaching management skills is one of the main focus of our trainings.
We build connections across all frontiers. From backward to forward linkages to cross-sector linkages: we are here providing the best networks for your project.
For our diversification policy, we leverage both economies of scale and of scope.
We improve the performance of the fund through the achievement of set milestones for our portfolio companies.
Eventually, this means acquiring only companies (or projects) that add value to the performance ratio of our portfolio companies. To carry out this acquisition, we streamline business processes or provide  ready markets for finished products. 
To research and analyze the markets we invest in is core for BLI. As a result, we just engage with players leaders in the industry of interest only. We ensure that we have a comprehensive action plan in place. More importantly, we prepare for unexpected setbacks.
At BLI, we actively engage with our people. On the one hand, we maintain open and transparent communications with our investors; by doing so, we  keep them up to date, even in case there is a downturn in performance of a portfolio company. On the other hand, we maintain a familiar relationship with our portfolio company. This has helped us retain the trust of the people we work with, as well as our credibility within the investment space.

Impact Investing

We believe in creating better lives for communities through cultivating strategic partnerships  for impact” with stakeholders in all eco-systems. This approach ensures improved livelihoods for communities at large. 

We focus on empowering communities by making basic and essential resources more accessible to them. We do this by investing in innovative businesses with a social impact. These businesses in turn, through their success, improve livelihoods through cost-saving modules. 

Active Partners
Lives Improved
Nations Represented

Criteria 4 Impact Investing

In compliance with the UN Global goals, we screen for impact following a due diligence process. We particularly pay attention to to these indicators:
  1. Number of jobs created;

  2. Cost-saving solutions;

  3. Environmental consciousness;

  4. Gender sensitivity;

  5. Improved Livelihood;

  6. Spin-off impact on surrounding community;

We are looking for projects and companies which show us their strong will and know-how. Our way of doing impact investing follows strict criteria. Some of the skills and conditions we pay particular attention to are: 
  1. Strong team in place;

  2. Strong marketing strategy or business plan;

  3. Clear valuation of the company ( based on financial modelling, although we would seek to build capacity in these companies prior to investing);

  4. Potential to build traction or scale;