Meet our Advisory Board!

We value the advice of those who have seen us grow right from our inception. We love hearing from those who have followed us along the way. We are constantly drawing from their guidance and insight to enrich our operations. This is how we strive to leave the world a better place for everyone, by connecting. This is why our advisory board is the keystone of BLI. 

Anthony Ritossa

Chairman, RITOSSA Olive Oil & Family Office


Holding a MBA with Distinction in Finance from Harvard University and The University of Technology Sydney, Mr. Anthony Ritossa has over 30 years of international experience in financial markets. He has held senior executive positions at Nomura; Barclays Capital; Morgan Stanley; BNP Paribas; Deutsche Bank; Bankers Trust Australia.   

Moreover, Anthony Ritossa is the Chairman of Ritossa Olive Oil & Family Office. Ritossa Olive Oil is a six-hundred-year- long story. Surprisingly enough, Ritossa’s olive trees have resisted war and natural disasters; change of region and climate; the rule of kings and modern despots. What critics dubbed as the “World’s Best Olive Oils”, the 2013 Vintage won 6 GOLD medals at the New York International Olive Oil Competition. Moreover, Ritossa’s Olive Oil is the artisanal extra-virgin olive oil which has won most prizes in Croatia. 

 Karen MacLean is the co-founder of The Green Free School in Denmark. The GFS is an innovative primary school which focuses on preparing children for creating and living in a sustainable society. Moreover, the school develops  a pedagogy of sustainability. 

Surprisingly enough, the school is three and a half years old, and 130 students from kindergarten to eighth grade have enrolled. The GFS attaches equal importance to arts and crafts, social and emotional learning, and traditional academic disciplines. 

The students spend a lot of their time in the school gardens and on field trips. Usually, the learning activities are organized in interdisciplinary projects. They take their point of departure in empirical experiences rather than in standard classroom learning.


Karen MacLean

PhD, Co-Founder The Green Free School (Den Grønne Friskole), Denmark


Anthony Christopher Caffrey

Legal advisor and Jurist, Norway



 Caffrey is a Norwegian jurist with experience in corporate law; start-ups; public welfare; real estate; and management.

Caffrey is currently a legal manager in The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration. He has previously held positions as legal advisor at The Norwegian Tax Administration; The Norwegian Institute of Public Accountants ;and The Norwegian Association of Authorized Accountants.

Caffrey was Secretary General of the Progress Party Youth. Moreover, he has been a special advisor to Member of Parliament Jorund Henning Rytman (Progress Party). The Progress Party is one of Norway’s two ruling political parties. He is a long-standing member of the board of The Norwegian Entrepreneurs Association.



James  completed his undergraduate degree in chemistry  from Johns Hopkins University and his medical degree at Johns Hopkins Medical School

He currently practices medicine in Arkansas.  He enjoys traveling and spending time with family. He has been investing in the African market and providing advice and strategic direction to BLI.




James Ntambi

MD, Medical Practitioner at Arkansas, USA


James Ntambi

MD, Medical Practitioner at Arkansas, USA

Donnie is an ICT4D, gender, youth empowerment and rural development specialist. He actively engages in promoting and supporting the use of ICTs to address issues of sustainable development in Uganda. His passion is technology, but also mentoring. He mentors and empowers young people, with a special focus on marginalized communities. As a result, he launched DONEEK CONSULT.

Donnie also worked and served as IT specialist the ICT Development and integration officer, Digital Opportunity Trust Uganda and the National Information Technology Authority. Moreover, he provided technical support for the Electoral Commission. He was a consultant for Technology Solutions Africa Limited, Youth Equality center, YALI (Kampala Chapter), and DOT Kenya and Makerere University. He is a member of the Internet Society Uganda Chapter and the International Librarians Network peer mentoring program.

Donnie holds a B.S. in Library and Information Science, and a diploma in mobile app development from the Shaw Academy.